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The Synergist & Malaria Consortium engage collaborative partnership

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 The Synergist & Malaria Consortium unite on Break Dengue

We believe that fostering innovation and collaboration is essential in the prevention and control of dengue fever. So we were pleased when The Synergist announced a new partnership with Malaria Consortium for Break Dengue.

“It is time the world focused on improving the prevention, diagnosis and clinical care of dengue…”

As part of this, Learn more about dengue prevention here Senior Vector Control Specialist, will join Break Dengue’s editorial committee, contributing his expertise in the field to help set our editorial agenda and strategic direction. In addition, Malaria Consortium’s Prudence Hamade, Senior Technical Advisor and John Hustedt, Senior Technical Officer, will both join our Scientific Committee, to provide technical guidance on our overall activities.

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“We are thrilled to count Malaria Consortium amongst our partners for Break Dengue,” said Caroline De Bie, Programs Director at The Synergist. “Their technical expertise and active involvement in dengue-endemic countries represent an invaluable source of insight into the field. And we are convinced that they can multiply the impact and reach of their activities through the network of individuals and organizations we have built, to foster new solutions and drive positive change.”

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“It is time the world focused on improving the prevention, diagnosis and clinical care of dengue,” said Prudence Hamade, Malaria Consortium’s Senior Technical Specialist. “Malaria Consortium is delighted to be working with Break Dengue, and we believe that through this collaboration we can continue to improve the control and prevention of dengue in Southeast Asia.”

Find out more about the work at Malaria Consortium

Malaria Consortium has been working with government and partners in Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand to develop and implement improved surveillance and preventive strategies, such as working closely with communities through innovative behavior change and vector control programs to reduce incidence and developing interventions to improve case management of dengue.