Break Dengue

What is it?

Break Dengue is an open platform to all: scientists, health-care providers, patients and relatives, journalists, industry and anyone concerned about the problem of dengue. Dengue is the fastest-growing vector-borne infection with estimated 390 million infections every year.


Efforts tend to be isolated, short-lived and limited to certain sectors or geographies.

Break Dengue is a non-profit organization that aims to connect different initiatives around the world that are addressing the issue of dengue so that together they can have a bigger impact.

Let us break the silence and help dengue sufferers be heard about the need to make this a priority.

How does it work?

It takes more than one person, one government, or one organization to combat dengue. By joining forces, we can make a difference to the lives of millions of people.

Break Dengue is committed to enabling actors in the fight against dengue by taking the right actions.

  1. Connects people and places, linking the different pieces that make up the dengue puzzle, giving us all a clearer picture of the disease.
  2. Educates
    By giving those on the ground a voice, demonstrating the need for urgent measures against the disease. By sharing best practices to empower other stakeholders in other parts of the globe.
  3. Acts
    Break Dengue helps turn good ideas into concrete projects to stay one step ahead of dengue. Break Dengue supports those actively working to address the problem.
  4. Measures and keeps track of progress (ideas, data, findings, actions) and setbacks.

Break Dengue is enabled by The Synergist. More


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