A World Dengue Day

Join the movement for a world without dengue, the fastest-growing mosquito-borne viral infection in the world. Many people have already said “Yes!” to a World Dengue Day. Join them by signing the petition


people in 150 countries are
at risk of dengue.

Sign the petition:

Since its inception, Break Dengue managed to reach millions, informing and educating the world about dengue fever, while developing an integrated program to combat the disease. But we need to do more.

That’s why Break Dengue and The International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases (ISNTD) have joined forces to bring your voice to the 74th UN General Assembly with an Open Letter petitioning them to designate a World Dengue Day!

Imagine a world where all people in at-risk areas:

  • are aware of the existance of this disease
  • have the correct tools and information to protect themselves
  • are protected from the vector (aedes mosquito)
  • are actively protecting their communities against dengue
  • have access to efficient and affordable healthcare solutions

We can all break dengue together!

That’s what the Global Dengue Day is all about – a movement from patients, families, influencers and organisations around the world asking for a Day of conversation, awareness and action against dengue. Only by coming together and joining efforts we can truly break dengue.

Sign the petition and be part of the movement today.

This initiative is part of an overarching strategy against dengue fever, comprising a global disease surveillance program, grassroot initiatives and information campaigns in affected areas.

What will happen if you sign the petition?

The United Nations General Assembly puts global health, particularly neglected and poverty-related diseases, at the forefront of the global development agenda. That’s why the petition will be presented in the next UN General Assembly, asking for an official recognition for the World Dengue Day, and official support for dengue and other mosquito-borne tropical disease that affect more than half of the world’s population.

Sign the petition:


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