Dengue Track Beta

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We are helping to build the ultimate dengue tracking system – and we need you.

You can help us to reduce the impact of dengue fever by playing your part in a global effort to map the disease. By telling us about dengue cases near you, we can paint a true picture of dengue fever and predict future outbreaks.

Good news

The challenge is immense but digital technology – and a little help from you – will be a game-changer.
We are working with HealthMap to accurately predict dengue fever cases around the globe. This approach is already yielding results.

The More data we can collect, the more accurate the system will be.

This is where you come in

Our Dengue Track initiative will translate big data into meaningful and actionable information. This online interactive tool
centralizes information about dengue outbreaks from a range of sources, adds data from social media channels,
and alerts people when they may be at risk of dengue.

What can you do?

Use the system for yourself. Then share. We need to mobilise an army of dengue trackers if we are to meet our shared goal of reducing the burden of dengue fever.

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