Dengue Track

We are helping to build the ultimate dengue tracking system – and we need you.

Breaking dengue fever is one of the public health challenges of our time. The World Health Organisation says rapidly detection of outbreaks is essential to reducing the staggering human and economic costs of dengue fever.
The challenge is immense but digital technology – and a little help from you – will be a game-changer.
“We now have access to more data than ever before,” says Dr Mauricio Santillana from the HealthMap team at Boston Children’s Hospital. Dr Santillana’s team is pulling together information from Google, Twitter, Wikipedia, clinicians’ databases and crowd-sourced diseases surveillance tools. HealthMap’s approach is already yielding results, accurately predicting dengue fever cases. The more data we can collect, the more accurate the system will be.

HealthMap dengue trends - data input



This is where you come in

Dengue Track

Break Dengue is supporting HealthMap to translate big data into meaningful information through our new Dengue Track initiative.

This online interactive tool collects information about dengue outbreaks and offers tailored advice to reduce the spread of the disease.

The 4Vs of big dengue data

Together, we can add an unprecedented volume of data that adds crowd surveillance to data from social media, search engines to existing official data. This variety of sources offers a more 360˚ view of the disease.
Not only that, but it does it fast. The velocity of data collection and processing allows for modelling and targeted alert systems in close to real time. And, perhaps most importantly, this multi-layered approach delivers veracity. The model is more accurate because the volume and variety of data sources helps to correct errors that may arise in any individual source.


What’s new?

This self-learning digital surveillance program is highly innovative. Track Dengue.

Provides actionable push-pull surveillance, combining close to real-time data with the ability to push it to the right audience at the right time

Taps into multiple sources to deliver an overall correlation higher than the sum of the individual data sources

Integrates all stakeholders and allows them to take an active role, proving authorities and NGOs with a valuable resource

Offers value to the audience by providing actionable surveillance data which citizens can use

Is a scalable model which can be extended to all digital channels and expanded to other diseases such as Zika

Applies self-learning techniques by providing the audience with an opportunity to endorse or correct the model

Track Dengue is an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of dengue prevention and control programs, facilitating informed decision-making when planning and allocating resources.

Get involved

You can help us to reduce the impact of dengue fever by playing your part in a global effort to map dengue fever.
By telling us about dengue cases near you, we can paint a true picture of dengue fever and predict future outbreaks.
Dengue Track can be a valuable resource for scientists, decision-makers and NGOs working in the field. It will help health authorities and NGOs around the world to respond more quickly. The tool also offers a chance to measure the impact of new anti-dengue weapons such as vaccines and mosquito-control.

What can you do?

First, become a dengue tracker. Use the system for yourself. Then share. We need to mobilise an army of dengue trackers if we are to meet our shared goal of reducing the burden of dengue fever.

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