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Online game helping Brazil beat dengue

Game-changer: play and share new interactive dengue fever game


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As the Olympic Games kick off in Rio, a new online game is raising awareness of dengue fever

The game carries a serious message. Dengue fever is endemic in Brazil with more than 750,000 cases reported this year in the nine states experiencing an epidemic.

By reducing breeding opportunities for the mosquitoes that spread the disease and using insect repellents, everyone can play their part in preventing its spread.

Brought to you by our team here at Break Dengue, the game is part of the All Against Dengue campaign designed to help people in Brazil protect themselves from the disease – and have a little fun along the way.

Participants must race against dengue fever, learning about its prevalence, transmission, and prevention, then challenge their friends to beat their score.

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Brazil’s dengue problem has been in the headlines lately as Paraná state launched the country’s first dengue vaccination program.

The problem is so severe that Brazil has also been a key testing ground for researchers testing genetically-modified mosquitoes, designed to reduce the dengue infection rate.

The modified bugs may also help curb the risk from another dreaded mosquito-borne virus: Zika. The disease has cast a long shadow over the Olympics with some sports stars opting out of the Games amid fears of infection.

The major concern with Zika is its link with microcephaly in babies whose mothers are infected during pregnancy. However, researchers at the London School for Hygiene and Tropical Medicine say dengue is a real pregnancy risk. According to a major review of top-quality studies on birth defects, contracting dengue fever during pregnancy increases the risk of stillbirth, prematurity, and low birth weight.

That’s why it’s everybody’s responsibility to reduce the risk of dengue infection and report cases in their local area.

The launch of the new game follows the unveiling of Dengue Track which allows the public to report cases of dengue fever in real time.

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