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Learn why a day dedicated to dengue awareness day is long overdue

Image of an Aedes mosquito with tex promoting a dengue awareness day.
Dengue fever is a global concern – we urge the United Nations to designate a World Dengue Day at its General Assembly in September 2019

Break Dengue and The International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases (ISNTD) have joined forces to advance a global collective, Dengue VOICE, with the clear goal of reducing the burden of dengue around the world. Together, we are devising action plans and collaborations to contribute to the fight against dengue in communities and countries where dengue is a public health concern.

2,976,800,000 people in 150 countries are at risk of dengue. However, the real burden of dengue is not appreciated, slowing down efforts to fight it. By designating a World Dengue Day, the UN can help to raise awareness of dengue and share the ambitious work being done around the world to fight the disease.

Effective advocacy needs to happen at the grass-roots level, and Dengue VOICE is an important step towards the WHO objective of reducing dengue morbidity and mortality by 25% and 50% respectively, by 2020. We want the tool to empower communities and raise awareness among leaders and health authorities to break dengue.
Chart showing the estimated cost of dengue fever to public health.
Dengue VOICE is made up of HCPs, NGOs, experts, prevention champions and advocates, all of us that share the vision, the knowledge and the experience to be the strongest VOICE against dengue.

Find out more about World Dengue Day and add your voice to our call

One of the concrete outputs of this year’s Dengue VOICE collaboration is a letter will be presented to the 74th United Nations General Assembly in Sept 2019 – the letter is a consolidated request to create an international dengue awareness day, a World Dengue Day to serve as a rallying point to connect and focus the dengue prevention efforts worldwide.

More than 100 people have already signed the petition, including WHO employees, a member of the Australian parliament and growing numbers of people affected by dengue from across the globe.

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We are partnering with communities and organizations worldwide that have been affected by Dengue such as Thailand, where we’re bringing the petition directly to Bangkok neighborhoods by sponsoring a local Dengue Day led by Break Dengue volunteers.

Given the scale and scope of dengue, we need everyone to add their voice to our effort so that we can collectively build on this momentum to meet the WHO objective of reducing the burden of dengue.

It’s time for a World Dengue Day. Please, click below to support our request for a dedicated, international dengue awareness day.

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