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Making a stand against dengue

Joko Murdianto contracted dengue hemorrhagic fever in 1996 and after going through the illness, he decided to make a commitment to the battle against dengue so that other people didn’t have to suffer the way he did. Here’s his story.

Joko Dengue Break

Joko Murdianto (right) helps spread the word about dengue at the ASEAN Dengue Day themed: Jakarta Dengue Free 2020

I contracted dengue in 1996 in Indonesia, and it was first misdiagnosed as pharyngitis as dengue was so uncommon at that time. After one week, I was in hospital with stomach bleeding and I was so weak that I felt like I was in a coma.
Now as a survivor of this illness, I am working with communities to minimize the incidence of dengue hemorrhagic fever through educating people.
I talk to people to ensure they know how to keep their communities clean and deter dengue larvae from growing. I tell them how the amount of time spent in hospital leads to a drop in productivity. I also advocate the use of larvacide and fumigation to help reduce the numbers of mosquitos that are carrying the disease, and I have joined the national blood committee.
In my opinion Break Dengue is a great tool to help in the fight against dengue.
Will you take a stand?
If just one person can make a stand against dengue and work towards minimizing its impacts, imagine what would happen if all of us decided to stand together against this illness.
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