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Spreading dengue fever: Tales of a well-travelled virus

Spreading dengue fever is easier than ever before. Dengue may be new to many parts of the world, but is not a new disease to most. In fact, dengue fever first got the eyes of health authorities back in the 1950s when outbreaks raged throughout Southeast Asia. Since then, the virus has made its way around. The scary thing is that the virus became a global health problem in only a matter of decades.

Dengue travels well, and easily. Since the 1970’s the world’s fastest growing vector-borne disease has spread its reach from only being found in nine countries in tropical regions, to having a presence in over 120 tropical, and non-tropical countries worldwide.  With more than 1/2 of the global population at risk, many may ask… How can dengue spread so quickly, putting vast amounts of the global population at risk over such a short time-period?

Check out our comic below and see just how easy spreading dengue fever can be.

Is low-cost travel spurring dengue outbreaks?

Image of a comic that shows various ways of spreading dengue fever while traveling.

Are you carrying an extra passenger?

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