Terms and conditions

The Break Dengue Prize is a contest organized by The Synergist, a non-profit association with offices in 1050 Brussels, Belgium, Avenue Louise 523, that aims at fighting Dengue.

The Synergist has decided that this contest will be exclusively governed by the following rules. By taking part in the contest, you irrevocably agree to abide by these rules.

1. The Synergist is looking for pilot initiatives or simply ideas to design and test new approaches to integrating a dengue vaccine as part of a holistic plan to combat dengue. These ideas or initiatives should ideally identify, understand and address community-level drivers and barriers for dengue vaccine integration, its sustained uptake and/or compliance.

2. You are entitled to present as many initiatives as you want.

3. All initiatives should be submitted not later than November 30th 2016 at midnight, by completing the online application form. The Synergist reserves the right to reject or accept any proposals received after the date stated above.

4. All initiatives shall reflect independent work or ideas by the respective participants and not be subject to any third party right.

5. The Synergist has established an independent jury of four experts (whose names are published on the website). The jury will issue a final a non-appealable decision in writing as to the result of the contest by early November. The jury will look at all qualified applications and judge the initiatives based on: Integration (30%), Effectiveness (30%), and Scalability (40%).

6. The winner will receive a prize of 10.000 euros. Belgian taxes and VAT rules will be applicable. He or she will be personally informed and requested to enter into contact with The Synergist. If the winner fails to contact the Synergist within 14 days, the price will go the second best initiative.

7. The grant given to the winner shall be implemented to roll-out the initiative submitted for the contest within one year as of the day when the winner is announced. If the project has not been implemented by that date, all design and copyright and any other Intellectual Property Right including patents acquired or available through the development or use of the initiative will be automatically and at no cost transferred to The Synergist, which will decide their commercial use. Any benefit derived from such ownership shall be for the account of The Synergist.

8. The winner commits to present a report that reflects the expenses, impact of the project as well as the achievements.

9. The Synergist, its representatives, employees and advisers shall not be held liable towards the participants or any other third party in relation to the contest, its conception, execution or the subsequent exploitation of any IPR related to any of the entries.

10. Any dispute between one or more of the participants and/or the Synergist which cannot be resolved amicably shall be referred to the courts if Brussels, Belgium. The Belgian law will apply to this contest.