- by Gary Finnegan

Dengue prevention funding: €10,000 prize

New prize for initiatives to combat dengue fever

Dengue prevention funding is key to controlling outbreaks, and discovering innovative solutions to meet today’s public health challenges.  image of an Aedes mosquito

Do you have an initiative or campaign that could help to combat dengue fever in your community through behavioural change?

We are looking for pilot initiatives or simply ideas to design and test new approaches to integrating a dengue vaccine as part of a holistic plan to combat dengue. These ideas or initiatives should ideally identify, understand and address community-level drivers and barriers for dengue vaccine integration, its sustained uptake and/or compliance.

Perhaps you are an expert in vector control, prevention, surveillance, or other relevant fields. You might be a healthcare professional in a country impacted by dengue. Or perhaps an active member of a community involved in the fight against dengue.

The Break Dengue Community Action Prize offers €10,000 for projects that maximise the impact of public health interventions by integrating the new vaccine into the anti-dengue arsenal.

Image of health care professional for dengue prevention funding promo.

The winning project should:

  • Have SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound)
  • Show scalability potential
  • Demonstrate potential sustainability
  • Arise from understanding and insights to community’s needs, drivers, barriers, priorities and strengths
  • Consider monitoring & ongoing evaluation

Why we need you

Dengue causes nearly 400 million infections annually, impacting half of the world’s population. It is an enormous public health challenge that demands a collective effort.

“The Break Dengue Prize is our way to shine a light on the work of communities, and directly support and nurture their promising ideas and solutions, so that they can become a reality,” said. Nicholas Brooke, Executive Director of The Synergist.

To enter, simply fill out the form and tell us more about your work. You can check the terms and conditions here. Contact us if you have any questions.