- por Vincent Vanzeveren

Break Dengue India Prize announced at TEDxGateway

Break_Dengue_Phil_TEDxGatewayIn case you missed it, Break Dengue and the Break Dengue India Prize were key points in Philip Weiss’ TEDxGateway speech in Mumbai, India. He of the advances in modern healthcare, dengue remains one of the most widespread of the 17 neglected tropical diseases. Over 40% of the global population is at risk, and it’s time to look at dengue with new vision – yours.

We’re calling on you for help. Do you have an existing initiative or campaign to help us combat dengue fever in India? We want you to tell us about what you are doing and how it can help stop the rise of this crippling disease.

Join the competition by simply filling out the form and you’ll have a chance to win $10,000 to multiply the impact of your campaign.